Manali Tour Packages

Experience Adventure and Serenity in the Magical Land of Manali with the most popular Manali Tour Packages. In India, Manali is one of the primary destinations for a trip. Hundreds of visitors visit this town daily in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. From delightful weather to adventurous activities and opportunities, you can enjoy every moment to the fullest in this Himalayan resort town. It is also the best honeymoon destination in the northern part of India. The Manali tour package for the honeymoon trip is the best package to grab and enjoy your holidays in the northern part of Kullu Valley with a pleasant climate. Peace and tranquillity in nature with soul-soothing weather is one of the vital reasons behind increasing tourism in the town. If you are planning a Manali trip, you can get the best Manali Travel packages from us at very convenient pricing. Our Packages suit all kinds of travellers, whether planning a honeymoon trip, a family vacation, an adventure with friends, or a wildlife experience, and our pricing and best service during your trip make your first choice Manali Package by PlanYourTour. We manage everything you need during your trip, whether accommodation, transport, flights, meals, activities, or a guide. You must book your Manali Tour and relax to enjoy your hassle-free trip. We have all types of options for accommodation. Whether you want a luxury stay for a top-notch experience or a budget-friendly stay, please choose according to your budget and preference; that's why our Manali tourist package is ideal for everyone.

Manali is a beautiful town in the Beas River valley. You can get the experience of a lifetime on a trip to Manali. Snow-headed mountains are a feast for the eyes and a clean climate for the rest of the body. No matter where you are from, we have you covered if you want a hassle-free trip. We are providing Manali tour packages from all the major cities. We can also make a custom itinerary for you. You can also customize your Manali Package and ask for the localities and services you want on your trip to Manali. We can make an itinerary just for you as per your requirements.

You can look for the Best Manali Holiday packages and deals from our team that cover all the major visiting sites in Manali. Our itinerary covers almost all the places in Manali that are famous among tourists and the untouched areas. If you love adventures and mountains, a peaceful environment in nature is the best option you can choose. The Hidimba temple is also one of the reasons why families book Manali trip packages. Do you want to explore nature's beauty, snow-capped mountains, rich culture, and pleasant climate? Manali has so many offers, what do beyond your thinking. Manali, every place has something unique that makes your journey memorable. Make sure to include the hill station in your Manali Trip Package; while visiting the hill station, you feel the energy of nature, which makes you relaxed and calm. Wait for the evening to see the sunset at the hill station of Manali; this adds more thrill to your trip. Our ready-made itinerary includes all the major destinations in your Manali holiday package, including Hadimba Temple, Bhrigu Lake, Rohtang Pass, and Solang Nullah or valley. 

Adventure activities like paragliding, river rafting, bungee jumping, mountain biking, trekking, ziplining, camping, and much more. Trekking at Bhrigu Lake with friends makes for a memorable experience. It is the best time to explore Manali's culture, rich heritage, and historical treasures. Along with adventure activities, you must explore religious sites in Manali. One of the best things to do in Manali is explore a 16-century-old temple, the best example of wooden architecture. Take some time to shop in Manali and get a fantastic experience; during Manali shopping, you can buy famous items, including Tibetan and Himalayan Handiworks, Woollen Clothes, Kesar, Dry Fruits, and Dorjes. Apart from the cool climate and snow-capped mountains, Manali is also famous for its best nightlife experience; there are many pubs and discos where you can hang out all night. At PlanYourTour, our travel consultants suggest the best tour packages to Manali that you will cherish in your lifetime.

Places to Visit During Manali Trip

List of some of the best places to visit in Manali, so you must include them in your Manali holiday package.

1. Hadimba Temple

One of the famous religious sites in Manali is dedicated to Hidimba Devi, the wife of the strongest of the Pandava brothers, Bhima, and the mother of Ghatothkach. Hadimba Temple is a deity for the local people. Besides religious sites, it is also a popular tourist attraction in Manali. Book a Manali trip package to explore the unique architecture, Beauty of Nature, and spiritual significance of Hadimba Temple.

2. Solang Valley

Suppose you are looking for the most exotic and adventurous site in Manali. Visit Solang Vally. It's a perfect place throughout the year. Solang Vally offers various activities here, including Paragliding, Zorbing, Quad Biking, and Camping. In Winter, Solang Valley is covered with snow, which makes the best place for activities to do in winter, such as Skiing, Snowmobiling, Solang Valley Ropeway, etc.

3. Rohtang Pass

The perfect example of natural beauty and the most scenic location in Manali, it is just 50 KM Away from Manali. The Pir Panjal Mountain Range surrounds this high-altitude mountain pass. Rohtang pass only opens between 3 months, July to September. During the Manali Trip, you must try the best things to do at Rohtang Pass, such as Heliskiing, Paragliding, Mountain Biking, and Snow Scooter Driving.

4. Tibetan Monasteries

Tibetan Monasteries are Manali's most popular tourist attraction, which you can't miss to add to Manali tour packages. There are three colourful Tibetan monasteries that show the rich culture and history of Manali. First is The Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa, second is the Himalayan Nyingamapa Temple, and third is at Aleo on the left bank of the Beas River. Local People make outstanding handicraft Items, which you must buy and take memory from the place.

5. Manu Temple

Manu Temple is an ancient temple in Manali devoted to Sage Manu. It is located 3 KM away from the central Market of Manali. This temple is famous for its fantastic architecture, which shows a glimpse into history and spirituality.

6. Jogini Falls

Jogini Falls gives you a chance to explore breathtaking views and serenity. Your journey to Jogini Falls starts at the famous Vashisht Temple across the pine trees and orchards and mesmerizing Jogini Waterfalls, cascading from 160 feet. Apart from being an adventure place, it is also the best romantic attraction in Manali, which you can take advantage of in Manali travel packages.

7. Club House

Club House is located on the banks of Manalsu Nallah and the city center near Mall Road. It's a perfect location for both adults and kids. Kids can enjoy video games, carting, etc., and adults can try boating, go-karting, ziplining, ropeway, and river crossing.

8. Vashisht Hot Water Springs

Vashisht Temple is more than 4,000 years old, and this ancient temple is the most important Hindu pilgrimage center, just 3 km away from Manali. Vashisht Temple is famous for its Hot Water Springs. The hot water springs are believed to be vital for skin infections and diseases.

9. Nehru Kund

Nehru Kund is located just 6 KM away from the main town of Manali. It's crystal-clear water filled with rich in minerals and medicinal properties. Come to Nehru Kund to enjoy stunning views of the mountains and natural beauty in a calm, relaxed environment.

10. Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran Sahib is a famous religious site in Manali for both Hindus and Sikhs. It is located 4 KM away from Kasol. There are several Hindu temples devoted to Lord Shiva and Lord Ramchandra. Surrounded by Himalayan mountains, you Must visit the location in Manali to explore religious significance with natural beauty and scenic Views.

Things to do in Manali

1. River Rafting

As a hotspot for adventure activities, Manali is an ideal place for River Rafting. There are four rivers for river Rafting- Beas, Chenab, Satluj and Ravi. You can enjoy this thrilling experience from June to July and from late October to the end of January, which you must include in the Manali holiday package.

2. Paragliding

Are you excited to enjoy a thrilling experience with beautiful views and a clean environment? Go paragliding in Manali. Paragliding is a must-try once in your life. During paragliding, you experience snow-covered peaks, an open blue sky, and magical views.

3. Skiing

As one of the most popular skiing destinations in India, skiing is a winter adventure activity, and it's usually done by gliding over snow-covered slopes using skis. Some popular destinations for Skiing are Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Marhi, Gulaba, and Dhundi. Your Manali Tour can only be completed with skiing in Manali; even if your budget is Low, check out some of the best Manali budget tour packages.

4. Camping

If you are a nature lover and adventure enthusiast, camping is the best thing to do in Manali. Manali is an ideal place for camping due to its pleasant climate, mountains, and lush green forests. It is best to connect with nature. Some of the best places for camping in Manali are Solang Valley, Bhuntar, Tirthan Valley, Bijli Mahadev, Beas River, and many more.

5. Trekking

Your trip to Manali will never be complete if you do not consider Trekking in your Manali tour package. There are various trekking routes, including Beas Kund Trek, Hampta Pass Trek, Chandrakhani Pass Trek, and Rohtang Pass Trek. These Trekking routes cater to different types of Levels; whether you are a beginner or Advanced, they have all Levels, from easy walks to challenging mountain climbing.

6. Zorbing

Zorbing is the most exciting and fun adventure of going down a hill in a plastic bubble. You can even choose a dry ride or a wet ride of Zorbing. Solang Valley is the ideal place for Zorbing. If you are looking for the best and budget-friendly activities in Manali, Zorbing is the one.

7. Rock climbing

Have you tried nature visits and sightseeing? Want to have some adventure and face your fear? Don't wait any longer; go climbing. This is not only test your physical strength but also your mental strength. Manali is the ideal place for Rock climbing. If you are thinking or sure about it, you must do rock climbing in Manali, so before you book your Manali Trip Package, you must include that.

8. Snowboarding

Apart from beautiful landscapes, snow-covered mountains, and a Pleasant climate, Manali also has a wide range of adventure activities, Snowboarding one of them. Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley are the most popular spots. It offers ski lifts, equipment rentals, and instructors for beginners.

9. Mountain Biking

Due to stunning landscapes, challenging trails, and pleasant climate, Manali is perfect for mountain biking. The Ideal time for a thrilling adventure is from April to June and September to November. Here, you will find a variety of mountain biking trails; some popular routes are Manali to Solang Valley, Manali to Rohtang Pass, Kullu to Manikaran, and Marhi to Gulaba. Whether you are looking for luxury or cheap Manali tour packages, make sure to prioritize mountain biking among things to do in Manali.

10. Shopping

India's favorite hill station, Manali, offers natural beauty, majestic mountains, rich history, and culture; it's a hotspot for shopping among tourists. The ideal spots are Old Manali Market, Himachal Emporium, Tibetan Market, Manu Market, The Mall Road, and Bhuttico.


Shopping Places In Manali

Shopping in Manali is the best experience to explore the local Market to learn about local culture. Make sure to add some shopping destinations to the Manali holiday package. Some of the most visited shopping places in Manali, take a look into it.

1. Old Manali Market

One of the famous shopping places in Manali, which is 2 KM away from Manali. Here you can find various things, such as T-shirts, stylish woollen clothes, and much more.

2. Himachal Emporium

Himachal Emporium is located on Mall Road, just 600 away from Manali. This Market is famous for handicraft products. Here, you can buy some of the best decorative items for the home.

3. Tibetan Market

One of the best shopping spots in Manali is just 350 meters away from Manali. If you visit a Tibetan Market, Don't return without buying Buddhist paintings, the Market's main attraction, clothes, jewellery, and decorative items.

4. Manu Market

Located in Siyal, It's Just 600 Meters away from Manali. Manu Market is famous for Books, artificial jewellery, and footwear.

5. The Mall Road

The Mall Road is the ideal shopping place for Winter apparel. It's just 600 Meters from Manali. You can also buy Kashmiri shawls, sarees, books, antique items, and more besides winter apparel.